Portable Actuators

Irish Pumps & Valves Ltd. are the sole distributor of Scapin Portable Actuators in Ireland.

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Pumps and Valves
Pumps and Valves
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Portable Actuators

Our Portable actuators are designed and approved for operating valves where no power is available or as a backup to existing actuated solutions.

With torque outputs up to 140 Nm, using the right combination of Portable Actuator and Gearbox, we can offer you a portable actuator to operate just about any valve.

Practical, because of their light weight, reliable, because they are built in light alloys coupled to engines and components complying with the latest status of the art, safe, because of the integral fiction body and of the mobile pin to be inserted on the flange to prevent rotation: our portable actuators represent the easiest, fastest and most efficient method to operate sluice gates and penstock valves when no electric power is available.

To offer a comprehensive system, a set of accessories is available; these can be either standard or made-to-measure so as to provide a solution to all problems related to installation and operation


  • APB45N (battery-operated)
  • APS100N (engine-operated models)
  • APS140N (engine-operated models)

These actuators can help all operators active in water treatment and reclamation activities perform quick and safe interventions

Pumps and Valves
Pumps and Valves


Accessories include

  • Adaptor Pieces
  • Anti-rotation flanges for reducers
  • Hand crank
  • Wheel Anti-rotation pin
  • Locking devices
  • 5L Fuel tank
  • Dewalt battery charger
  • Metallic security box
  • Kit lights

All valves can be locked and restricted with our accessories, to solve the issue of operation performed by an unauthorized person.